A downloadable desktop game for Windows and macOS

Shimeji Desktop Pet is a desktop game that lets you interact with desktop pets (Pokemon etc.) on the PC/Mac desktop.

Special Features of Shimeji Desktop Pet 

1. Rich Shimeji Desktop Characters

Including Pokemon, Digimons, Doreamon shimeji, PSPSPSCats and other series,
it is still updating.

2. Smooth Desktop Pet Interaction

Shimeji can walk, run, and climb around walls on the desktop, and you can drag and drop pets with the mouse, or use tools to tease each shimeji desktop pet. Every way you like to play is here.

3. Stream Mode

Connecting your twitch account, each of your live stream viewers can generate a virtual pet avatar, they can play on your desktop, even use commands to control movement and action. They can also dance together to welcome new friends when they have new followers and subscribers.

Come and experience it

join us: https://discord.gg/RH48pUXqTK

website: https://live3d.io/shimeji_app_desktop_pet

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Authorvtuber studio


Shimeji Desktop Pet

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Haven't downloaded it yet but can I make my own pet? I've neen looking for a app like this but all the appstore ones that allow custom pets freeze up your device



The Steam workshop has so many lovely pets!!


I love the Digimon!

very very cool




"it is an entirely free software that allows you to have cute creatures walking around your screen, even during streaming.
It has a lot of potential for what it can do in the future."