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What is PNGTuber?

PNGTubers is a VTuber that uses 2D PNGs as avatars. Avatar characters are usually drawn with multiple emotions and speaking animations to react to the content, and voice reaction software is used to make it appear as if they are speaking throughout the video. PNGTubers are becoming increasingly popular throughout 2021 and early 2022.

What is PNGTuber Maker?

PngTuber Maker is a free pngtuber software that helps everyone to become a pngtuber in a few easy steps. Upload a few avatar emoticons in PNG format to create a pngtuber avatar, PngTuber Maker will detect the surrounding sounds to switch between different emoticons, so that the virtual avatar can speak. We also provide other features such as backgrounds, avatar accessories, transition animations, virtual cameras, desktop mascots, and more.

function list

1. Sound detection

2. PNGTuber head animation

3. Emotion switching animation

4. Avatar Accessories

5. Virtual camera

6. Desktop mascot

How to use PngTuber Maker?

1. First, you must upload two png images containing at least two different avatar expressions.

2. Secondly, at least one microphone is needed to set the sound threshold and test the picture effect of speaking.

3. If you need a more realistic effect, add more avatar status pictures to optimize the speaking effect.

4. Then you can set the picture background, avatar dress up to play your endless creativity.

5. Finally export the avatar to the desktop or use the virtual camera to apply the avatar animation to the video stream.




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Is there a way to download this without steam? I don't use steam since my PC doesn't run it.

I feel sorry that we only support steam download. But you can join our discord group to seek help for others. I think there has the way.