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What is a PNGTuber? 

PNGTubers are a type of VTuber who use 2D PNGs as their virtual avatars. The avatar characters are often drawn with several emotions and talking animations for reacting to content and use sound-reactive software to make it appear as if they're talking throughout the video. PNGTubers became increasingly popularized throughout 2021 and early 2022.

What is PNGTuber Maker?

PngTuber Maker is a best pngtuber software that integration uses various device monitoring as its playing method. For example, follow the feedback of sound, keyboard and mouse to do various effects. It can be used not only for live broadcast, but also for fun play with good friends, such as making everyone laugh at the zoo meeting.

PNGTuber Maker Feature List

1. Accurate Sound Detection

2. 7 PNGTuber Avatars

3. Avatar Accessories & Background *20

4. Custom Avatar Upload

5. Sound Animation & Switch Animation

6. Virtual Camera [More convenient method for live broadcast]

7. Desktop Mascot 

PngTuber Maker Avatar List

1. Cute chibi girl(png)

2. Cute chibi girl(gif)





Pngtuber Avatar - Parrot

image1(eyes open, mouse close)

image2(eyes close, mouse close)

image3(eyes close, mouse up)

image4(eyes open, mouse up)

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