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PngTuber Maker is a free Png Vtuber software that can help everyone become PngTuber with few easy steps. 
Make your own pngtuber avatar with just 2 images and use it in livestream, recording or anywhere you like.

What is PNGTuber Maker?

PngTuber Maker is a best pngtuber software that integration uses various device monitoring as its playing method. For example, follow the feedback of sound, keyboard and mouse to do various effects. It can be used not only for live broadcast, but also for fun play with good friends, such as making everyone laugh at the zoo meeting.

Best PngTuber Feature List

1. Accurate Sound Detection

2. 7 PNGTuber Avatars

3. Avatar Accessories & Background *20

4. Custom Avatar Upload

5. Sound Animation & Switch Animation

6. Virtual Camera [More convenient method for live broadcast]

7. Desktop Mascot 

About the difference between 3D Model、Live2D、Pngtuber Model.

3d models are produced by modeling and other methods, which requires a lot of time and professional technology. At present, the best 3D VTuber Softword is VTuber Maker, which not only has a large number of 3D models built in, but also has more interactive games for Twitch.
Live2D is spliced through each part of png avatar, and then simulated in the form of 3d through bone animation. The effect will be more realistic. Because of the form of png, the production difficulty and cost are not so high.
The pngtuber model is a simple way, basically without cost. Just two simple pictures. You can also consider deducting two frames from the video, which is very funny

How to use PngTuber Maker?

1. Firstly you must upload two png images that contain different expressions of avatar at least.

2. Secondly you need a microphone at least, set the sound threshold, and test the picture effect of speaking.

3. If you need a more realistic effect, add more avatar state pictures to optimize the speaking effect.

4. Then you can set the picture background, avatar dress up to play your endless creativity.

5. Lastly export avatar to desktop or use virtual camera to apply avatar animation to video stream.

Artist Recommendation:@heng_eighteen, Open Vrm, Live2d, 3d, Png Avatar Commission

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PngTuber Maker


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Recommend from my friend, it makes so much during my zoom meeting LOL.


It is a crazying funny game!

easy to use

Its mouth is very magical, very suitable for spoofing!