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Stream Avatars Plus is a content creation tool for streamers that take your video to next level and promote viewer engagement and channel growth! 

Stream Avatars Plus can be used as interactive overlays for streamers on live streaming platforms like Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, Trovo, Glimesh or Dlive.

1. Rich steam avatars

We work with a large number of artists to embed a large number of streaming avatars, including Pokémon, Digimons, Doreamon shimeji, PSPSPSCats and more

At the same time, it will also be updated regularly

stream avatar plus
stream avatar plus

2、Smooth Desktop Pet Interaction

Shimeji can walk, run, and climb around walls on the desktop, and you can drag and drop pets with the mouse, or use tools to tease each shimeji desktop pet. Every way you like to play is here.

Stream Avatars Plus

Stream Avatars Plus

3. coming soon

  • creative workshop 【Upload your own stream avatar】
  • twitch bits interaction 【Earn more on twitch】
  • Multi-platform support, e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Trovo, Glimesh or Dlive

Streaming Tutorial:

1. enable steam mode and twitch authorization

2. Open streaming tools such as obs

Come and experience it now

Join us to learn more: https://discord.gg/RH48pUXqTK

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Stream Avatars Plus


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"it is an entirely free software that allows you to have cute creatures walking around your screen, even during streaming.
It has a lot of potential for what it can do in the future."