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Twitchbot is a convenient streambot for streamers. It's a twicth chat bot that helps you get more effective interaction with audiences. Twitchbot will always focus on improving streaming experience.

Advantages of Twitchbot
● Easy to start, no registration, only need to twitch sign up.
● Simply to use, no complex setting, clean and fast
● Free to get all features
● Outstanding devolop group

● What is the most important part for live streaming?
-Chat Dashboard ! All twitch chat, users mangement, live history, basic setting is available in Dashboard.

● How to view live stream data at a glance?
-By analysis, you can see the chat frequency and watching time of audience, as well as the data of twitch live follower count.

● Tired of answering repetitive questions?
-Come and set trigger keywords of chat and prepared answer by Auto text reply.

● Hard to know the preferences of the your audiences?
-Get it by poll with only few clicks. It can help streamers make more accurate decisions for audiences.

● Want to quickly promote your social account and get more attention?
-You can use timer to periodically push links, announcements, activities, etc.

● Hope to keep a harmonious chat environment?
-Use Message filtering and phrase blacklists to guard you channel. The unfriendly chat will be auto-deleted and the user will be banned.

Our plan
● Explore new ways of interactions in the future
● Provide some funny play with loyal system

Free your live stream with a intelligent twitch bot!

Contact information:
Email: service@live3d.io

The basic framework of twitchbot comes from Firebot(https://github.com/crowbartools/Firebot). We are very grateful to Firebot community for contributing such an excellent chat bot. Based on this project, we plan to focus on KOL virtual sandbox discovery to provide you with better service content.

Open source project of twitchbot
We wiil disclose the relevant plans and open source content according to the agreement.
Get more details on https://github.com/zf-kbot/TBOT. Welcome for your contribution.

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very useful~ 10/10