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Virtual Effects | VTuber is an extension program that not only enriches the live streaming effects of vtubers,but also enhances the connection and interaction between streamers and viewers

We can not only let your viewers interact more with your VTuber avatar on streaming, enhance your streaming effect, and help you get a lot of bits at the same time!

🚀 v1.1.0 Update: 

 • Supports direct bits consumption within the extension

 • Support automatic thanks after consuming bits

 • Support to customize more special effects

 • Supports more special effects slots

⭐ 22+ public resources & customizable unlimited resources

⭐ Making stickers effect, or upload existing stickers directly

⭐ Making 3D avatar action, expressions, animation, special effects. etc

⭐ Chat Alerts

⭐ Configure everything (placement, pages. etc)

⭐ Low latency response extension events

⭐ One time configuration, lifetime use

⭐ Bits contribute towards users Bits chat badges

✨ More interesting special effects resources

✨ Built in expanded consumption bits leaderboard

Notice: VTuber Maker app provides VTuber avatars,you need to download it




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Virtual Effects - VTuber

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Of course: you need to present your virtual image through VTuber Maker.

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