Custom twitch effects interactive extension is finally here!

After the launch of twitch extension version 1.0, we feel the love and real demand for twitch extension, for this reason we bring you more custom configurations and the most important bits consumption support, hoping to continue to bring better experience and effect to your live stream. 

Specific function points are as follows.
1. Support custom settings for special effects corresponding to the value of bits, to help you get more revenue in the twitch live
2. Support for fans to automatically output thank you text to the chat bar after spending bits
3. Support more slots, allowing you to set more special effects on twitch extensions for fans to use, there is always a fan favorite
4. Allows to customize the flow through VE and import the extension panel with one click, providing a unique experience

More exciting products, welcome to use the experience directly


Virtual Effects - VTuber
Apr 24, 2022

Get Virtual Effect For VTuber | Twitch Extensions

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